What I Really Need This Christmas

As I enter into this Christmas season, I’ve been trying to slow down and ask myself: What do I really need right now?

We traveled for Thanksgiving, and it was a good trip, but also exhausting, because toddlers. We got back on Sunday night, and put up our decorations on Monday, ready for it to feel like Christmas in our house.

My favorite part of the day during this season is the early morning. Before the girls get up, we plug in the Christmas tree, maybe light a candle, and drink our coffee while we spend some time reading and praying and preparing for the day.

I started an Advent reading plan through She Reads Truth that has been just what I need right now. It has a few scriptures to read, then a short devotional. The study is all about why Jesus came, and the hope and light he brings into the world and into our lives.

I love those early morning moments, because life moves fast, doesn’t it? And those times help me to slow down a little. I’ve been struggling with anxiety lately, just that underlying tension that keeps my heart from ever truly settling. So I find myself in those quiet moments praying for peace, longing for quiet and stillness that will stay with me even as I enter a busy day.

Peace isn’t about removing the chaos, but about an inner stillness that overshadows even the loudest moments.

This is the kind of peace I’m seeking. Those times in the morning help, but I’m doing my best to breathe in the presence of Jesus throughout my day, to still my heart even if my outer world is loud and busy and overwhelming.

You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.
Isaiah 26:3

May the peace of Jesus be your constant companion this Christmas season.

2 thoughts on “What I Really Need This Christmas

  1. Great post! This verse really resonates with me this morning. I think it will be my anchor this holiday season! It is such a balance to know what I am in control of and what God is in control of. My role is to keep putting my focus back on Jesus when the world around me tries to distract me. Jesus is in charge of everything else! He will fill me with His peace. I don’t need to try to conjure up peace…. only God can create something out of nothing 🙂 Thank you for inspiring us Lindsay!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Johanna! Yes, I am constantly having to remind myself to keep my eyes on Jesus so everything else will be in the right place!

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