This Too Shall Pass (For Better AND Worse)

A couple nights ago, I left my house a little before 7pm to meet my small group at Starbucks, and I thought about how strange it felt to be out of the house so late.

AT SEVEN P.M. I know. The me of ten years ago would be rolling her eyes right about now. LAME!

The thing is, our kids go to bed at 7:30. Which is AWESOME, because we get some time to ourselves in the evening to watch a show together, to read a book, to get some writing done. But this also means we rarely leave the house past dinner time.

We basically don’t get out much.

And on days off from work, Tyler and I try really hard to give each other a break so we can get some time to ourselves and do things we both want and need to do. So first thing in the morning, we talk through the day and figure out when he’ll go running, when I’ll sneak off to the library to write. We’ll coordinate who will go grocery shopping and when.

Scheduling ANYTHING feels complicated, and we always have to factor in nap times and bed times, the infamous “witching hour” and how that might impact our plans.

In the midst of this, we’ll often stop and ponder: Remember when this used to be simple?

Pre-kids, we used to get home from work, drink our coffee in silence and read a book, make something easy for dinner or just pick something up if we didn’t feel like cooking. On days off, we’d sleep in (ahh, remember sleeping in???), then spend the morning laying around in our PJs, in no hurry to start the day.

Then we would proceed to do WHATEVER WE WANT. No coordinating schedules. No trade-offs and negotiations of who was doing what, when.

Sometimes I miss those days. Don’t get me wrong: this season is SO beautiful and I wouldn’t trade it. But there are so many things about this stage that are just so unique and hard, and sometimes I forget that it won’t always be like this.

In moments like these, the old wisdom holds true: This too shall pass.

I don’t want to rush through this time or wish the younger years away; I truly want to enjoy it, to be fully present. So when I remind myself that “This too shall pass,” it’s a reminder to savor the good moments…but it’s also a reminder that the harder moments are passing, too.

I can hold on to the hope that today’s struggles will not be the same tomorrow. For better AND worse. But it WILL change, and it won’t always be like this. There will come a day when my kids will be a little more independent, and we’ll have a little more freedom and flexibility in our schedule. (And I’m VERY aware that will bring a new kind of challenge!)

But maybe you need that reminder too: Whatever your season, This too shall pass. BOTH the beauty and the mess of this season won’t last. Hold on to the good parts, and rest in the hope that the harder parts won’t last forever. The seasons and stages will change, and you’ll look back and hopefully cling to the happy memories…and feel grateful that the not-so-happy memories are your past, and not your present.


One thought on “This Too Shall Pass (For Better AND Worse)

  1. So true… and so beautifully said. Time is a blur and it feels like our children grow up and are on their own before we blink twice. These are the most important years of your babies lives. The time when they learn more quickly than at any other time in life. They are so blessed to have you and Tyler. I know other young couples that have been in your shoes. In that moment, it may not feel like one will ever get through it, but as you said, “This too shall pass.” I love your encouragement!

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