I would love to speak at your next event, group meeting, conference, or retreat! I can speak on any of the topics I discuss in this blog, or other specific themes you want addressed with your group. Contact me at lindsay@lindsaysterchi.com for more information.

Instamacy: The Pull of Distraction
New Hope Church: August 2017
In this series, we explore how technology impacts our lives and relationships. This message addresses how we are mindlessly addicted to the distraction of our phones and social media. It explores the deeper issues of why simply putting down our phone is so difficult, and offers practical ideas for breaking the power of distraction.

The God I Wish You Knew
New Hope Church: November 2015.

This message will help you let go of trying harder and invite you to instead remain in the love of Jesus that changes us from the inside out.  We often try to earn Jesus’ love by doing things FOR him, but we cannot produce anything of value until we DWELL with him.

Not a Normal Christmas
New Hope Church: December 2013
In this message, I share the story of Mary and what it means to let our dreams die in order to create space for what God wants to do in our lives. I share our story of struggling with infertility and our decision to pursue adoption, as God showed us that His plans were far better than ours, if we would simply surrender to Him.


I also did a message on the importance of being able to ask questions about our beliefs in order to make our faith our own. I share my own experience of learning that it’s ok to ask questions, and how I grew closer to God through that process. The audio recording is available at this link:

Questions: Message by Lindsay Sterchi



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