When It’s Time to Make a Move

This has been a season of changes for me and a big time of transition. I’ve been pretty quiet online lately, because these changes have been pretty consuming of both my time and mental energy.

So I wanted to do a post that would give some updates about what’s been going on in my life, what I’m learning through it all, and what’s next for me and my family. Some of you already know about these changes, and this might also give a little more context to the reasons behind them.

At the beginning of this year, I just had this sense that some things were going to shift and change for me. I didn’t know how, exactly, but I just felt like this was going to be a significant year for me.

And that has proved to be true, more so than I ever anticipated. So I’ll get to the right to the point first, and then elaborate a bit on the reasons behind the changes.

First, we moved a few weeks ago. Second, I’m stepping down from my job at the church in a few months. And both of these changes are a good thing. Both of these were initiated by Tyler and I, and we made these decisions intentionally.

So here’s some more detail…

The first big change: We moved a few weeks ago.

When we moved into our last home a little over three years ago, we thought we’d live there indefinitely. It came to us as a unique blessing and was more than we could have asked for or imagined for our family.

But over time, we began having conversations about our future, our family, and what it looked like to best use our space and our resources. There were parts of our house that went unused, that seemed reserved for “someday” but for now, was more space than we needed.

And when I decided to step down from my job, the need to create more financial margin made these abstract ideas of simplifying into a tangible, necessary reality.

We only moved about five minutes down the road, so we’re still living in the same town. Our house sold in two weeks, and we made an offer on our new house two days after that.

It all went really smoothly, but I still felt overwhelmed by the entire process. As many of you know, moving is pretty stressful and consuming, and it took all of my time and energy for about a couple months.

But I have to tell you: I absolutely LOVE our new home. It is perfect for our family and this stage of life. I am so grateful for how God led us through each step of that process to get us exactly where we need to be in this next season.

The other change that’s still in process has to do with my job and career path…

I currently work at our church full-time as the Communications Director. In fact, with the exception of a few months here and there, I’ve worked on staff with a church in some capacity since my sophomore year of high school. I’ve served in different roles doing a variety of things, and it has formed so much of who I am.

Yet there has been this inner restlessness that something needed to change, that maybe it was time for a different career path. I’ve had a growing desire to pursue a career as a writer, yet it’s always felt so far off and there was no tangible “job” on the horizon.

But this year, I began to have a quiet knowing: It’s time to make a move.

It was time for a new season and path for me when it came to my job.

As it turns out, my sense that it was time to make a move was not only a physical house move, but also a move into the next season of life for me as well.

So the other big change for me: I’ll be stepping down from our church staff on March 1st.

In this next season, my focus is on writing and my kids.

When I attended a writing conference this past summer, something in me came alive. God used that time to confirm to me that writing is something He’s called me to do, and it’s worth pursuing.

I always imagined it would be “someday” far in the future and that I would have a plan and clear next steps before I really pursued it. There is no tangible “job” as a writer as of now. But I know this is a process that takes time, and I also know that in this next season, when it comes to career, writing is my focus.

Along with that, I’ve felt a growing desire to spend more time with my kids in this season before they go to school. To be honest, that was never part of the plan. I always thought that even after I had kids, I would still continue in my current job.

I still believe that this looks different for every mother, and there’s no one right way to do this. I feel really strongly about that, actually. I’ve honestly never felt the tension of the so-called “mommy wars” with my friends. Some of us work full-time, some stay home full-time, most of us fall somewhere in between. And we cheer each other on and encourage one another to follow whatever path God has for us, even when it looks different from each other.

For me, I view this transition primarily as a career change. And along with that transition comes staying home full-time with my kids.

While I never imagined this would be part of the plan, I have a feeling it will be just what I need and what my kids need in this season. I think the timing is right for it…it will stretch me in ways I probably need to be stretched. And I’m sure I will have lots of things to share about how I’m being challenged and what I’m learning along the way!

I know that not everyone is able to do this kind of thing, to stay at home with their kids and pursue what they love regardless of how much it pays. I get that. And I’m grateful for the season I’m being invited into.

All I can say is God has confirmed in me that these next steps are right, and I can trust in His leading and His presence that goes before me and will be with me.

In some ways, it’s hard to put into words all the reasons behind these decisions. As with most big changes, this came about after much prayer and wrestling and conversation. It was a messy process, but God has been so faithful to reveal each next step at just the right time, and I’m so grateful for that.

I can’t fully explain how I know this is right, nor do I feel that I have to be able to define it exactly. But I did want to share these changes with you so you can know what’s next for us.

I also hope this encourages you in your own seasons of unclarity or unsettledness, that you can rest in the confidence that God will show you the way, one step at a time.

There is so much I’m learning through this process, and I’m excited to share more in the days to come. In the next couple weeks, I’m looking forward to soaking in the Christmas season, and I’m excited to continue writing and sharing more with you after the new year.

I hope you’ll continue to join me, and I’d love to hear from you as well! To stay in touch, sign up for my email list here. You’ll also receive a free resource that’s a 5-day guide with simple, quick practices to help you connect with Jesus. My prayer is that it could serve you during this hectic time of year, or maybe help you start out the new year focused on Christ.

As always, I’m so grateful that you take the time to read my words here and for your support and encouragement. Merry Christmas to you!

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