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I hope you find this a safe space to bring your real self and the freedom to let go of living up to ideal. The only way we’ll find that freedom is through Jesus revealing to us who we truly are.

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Here’s a little about me…

My husband Tyler and I live in a small town called Effingham, IL with our toddler twins Addison and Felicity. Tyler and I met while working together at a church in the suburbs of Chicago, and now we both work at an amazing church here in Effingham. He is one of the teaching pastors, and I serve as the Communications Director.

We are a transracial family with an open adoption, parents of multiples, NICU survivors, and really just “normal” parents, if there is such a thing. The way we got here is completely unique from most stories, but the day-to-day living finds us walking right alongside other parents just trying to figure out how to raise our kids and be a family.

My Story
Sometimes life just doesn’t turn out the way you’d expect. That has for sure been true in my own life.

Like anyone else, I had plans and dreams for my life that I assumed would play out in the way I’d imagined, for the most part, anyway. I thought I’d go to college, get a job, get married, and have kids the old-fashioned way. I had dreams of ministry and significance and making a difference in the world.

While many of these dreams came to be, they didn’t happen at all in the way I’d imagined.

After struggling with infertility for three years, I surrendered my dream of getting pregnant and opened my heart to a different dream. I had an almost overnight change of heart towards adoption, and a year after that, my husband and I welcomed newborn twin girls into our family through domestic adoption.


Not one bit of our journey was how I’d expected, but I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Our original plan wasn’t adoption, let alone TWO babies at the same time! But this life is exactly perfect for me, and the reality of where I find myself is so much better than the ideal I had imagined.

What You’ll Find Here
More than anything, I want this to be a place where you feel invited to be your real self in all the beauty and the mess of it. I write about our story of infertility and adoption, an unexpected life, motherhood, and faith.

This is a space for those of us who find ourselves in a life that we didn’t expect. I invite you to hope and trust that the reality of your life is far better than the ideal life you’d dreamed. Whether you’re at the beginning of the journey full of hope and dreams for the future, or a little further down the road wondering if you’ve missed out on something, you are welcome here.

Let’s not miss our right-now lives because we THINK we’re missing out on an ideal that we were never called to in the first place. Let’s move beyond striving to make a perfect life happen and find rest in surrender. Let’s dare to hope that even when life is different than our expectations, it just might be far better than we ever imagined.

Only by embracing our real lives will we ever grow into the life that is uniquely ours, the one that fits us perfectly, including the mess and imperfections.


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